Who we are
Founded in 2003, GANDARA was created by people who aim to do better every day. The rigour applied to our work allows us to enhance all the projects entrusted to us and continuously improve our performance.

The team’s solid experience in civil construction and project analysis, and the combination of professionalism and dedication, have created the dynamism essential for GANDARA’s sustainability.

The partnerships that we have established over the years with various market players have allowed us to develop our area of activity in a broader way, consolidating our ever-present objective: to add value to our Customer’s projects.

GANDARA is structured to intervene actively and collaboratively with the Customer to increase the quality of developments in the project phase, through careful assessment of the issues that are entrusted to us.
We have thus collaborated on numerous projects in residential, commercial, industrial and tourism areas, carrying out measurements, specifications and cost estimates, among other services, where the final quality of each project reflect the commitment and care that was dedicated to it.

At the end of 2018, GANDARA returned to the Civil Construction activity, namely in the Rehabilitation and Remodeling sector of properties, apartments and villas.
Our Mission
Our main mission at Gandara is to provide its customers with satisfaction

This objective and Mission is present in all the projects in which we are involved and focuses on developing with quality and accuracy so that the end result is not only what our customer foresaw, but surpassing that initial idea.
We are committed to high values of execution, rigour, accuracy, high level performance and governing all these, the experience of years within this area.
It is because of these factors above, rigour and experience, that year after year, our customers, knowing they always get our support, they place their trust is Gandara
More than ever, with an unshakeable motivation and the pleasure we find in our customers’ satisfaction with what we develop, we are ready for the challenges that we meet along the way and we will continue alongside them, with the conviction of this healthy and fruitful partnership
Our team
One of GANDARA’s priorities has been the consolidation of its work team, investing systematically in human resources and equipment, with the aim of forming a group of professionals willing to perform the work requested by our customers with quality and accuracy.

Based on dedication and on the fulfilment of established commitments, our team always seeks to work closely with the customer and with view to mutual growth.

Construction technicians, budget measurers and specialised engineers ensure a daily response to our customers requests. 
Pedro Pereira
Managing Partner | Civil C- Technician
Largo de Santos, nº 9 - 1º Esq.
Postal Code: 1249-015 Lisboa 
Telephone: 00351 213 141 058 
Mobile phone: 00351 96 512 90 57 
E-mail: pedro.pereira@gandara.com.pt 
E-mail: geral@gandara.com.pt 
Site: www.gandara.com.pt

Work Company Charter : 90306 PAR
NIF: 506 596 664 
Share capital: € 10,000.00 
CRC Registration Lisbon: Nº. 13470

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